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The founder, present chairmen of this organization Mr.Til Bahadur Karki was born in B.S 2029 in a place called Saranga Danda of Panchthar, ward no. 4. He was born disabled. Because of this, at the age of 7, he planned to leave home and wished to die. However, he reached Pashupatinath Temple and got encouraged by the people who were begging money for their living. He started doing so. He also saved money that came from begging and used to hide in the jungle of Jaya Bageshwori. The time passed on and he searched the money that he hides in the jungle and he found out that he had collected around five lakhs (Half million). Once he happened to see the sight of setting fire on a dead person after that he clearly understood what the meaning of life was. So, he took determination and opened an organization called Joint Disabled Unity Awaz Centre which was non-profit, service motive and disable home. It was registered in B.S 2064. Its registered number is 872. Today it has been nurturing 41 children for their health, education, security, etc. Now, we have two dependent +2 students studying. Similarly, we have three students in class 9, four students in class 6, three students in class 5, three students in class 4, five in class 2, four in class 1 and one on playgroup who’s name is Samir Acharya whose age is just three years old ...

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